Performance, Durability, Innovation, and Reliability

SoluxTec Shines at Intersolar 2024 with Cutting-Edge Innovations

We are excited to share the highlights of SoluxTec’s participation in Intersolar 2024. At this major event, our products were proudly showcased at BayWa’s stand, and our CEO Tim gave an exclusive interview to highlight SoluxTec’s strengths summarized in four words: Performance, Durability, Innovation, and Reliability.

Exclusive Interview with Tim, our CEO


Technologies and Certifications:

  • Topcon N-Type Technology: We highlighted our module featuring Topcon N-Type technology, known for its superior performance and increased durability. This cutting-edge technology optimizes the efficiency of our solar panels, ensuring maximum energy production.
  • Class 4 Hail Resistance Certification: Recently obtained in Austria, this certification covers our standard laminated glass modules and frameless double-glass modules. It attests to the robustness and resilience of our products against extreme weather conditions.

Market Positioning:

  • 100% German Production: SoluxTec is one of the few manufacturers to produce entirely in Germany. We offer unique products that our competitors cannot or do not want to offer, thus meeting the expectations of facility operators and private homeowners. This local production also ensures rigorous quality control and a reduction in the carbon footprint associated with transport.

Adaptability and Innovation:

  • Modules for Extreme Conditions: SoluxTec manufactures solar panels optimized for logistics and offers panels in its range that can be installed in extreme conditions where standard panels cannot be installed. This adaptability allows us to meet specific needs and ensure stable energy production even in challenging environments.

New Technologies:

  • New Generation of Solar Cells: Currently under development and certification, our Topcon N-Type technology promises efficiencies exceeding 23%, positioning SoluxTec as a leader in the European market. These technological advancements demonstrate our continuous commitment to innovate and improve our products to meet future energy needs.

We would like to thank BayWa for their support and for showcasing our products during this event.

Future Perspectives

SoluxTec’s participation in Intersolar 2024 was an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and quality. With our 100% German production and cutting-edge technologies, we continue to position ourselves as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and shared this event with us. Stay connected for more innovations and sustainable energy solutions.