Responsible Packaging

Product Recycling

Commitment to Employees


Quality & Environment

Since its inception, Soluxtec has always been committed to improving the quality of its products.



Sustainable Offering

Our vision goes beyond mere production. We strive to develop an offering that is both sustainable and of high quality




Renewable Energy

SOLUXTEC is firmly committed to renewable energy. 100% of the electricity used comes from solar sources.


Partnership with EIDA

Soluxtec is proud to partner with EIDA, a major player in renewable energy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Soluxtec’s Ecological Commitment.


At Soluxtec, we don’t just produce green energy; we also strive to make every aspect of our business as sustainable as possible. From our packaging to our innovations, discover how we take concrete steps to reduce our ecological footprint.

Rethinking Our Packaging

At Soluxtec, we take the responsibility of our packaging to heart. We believe that a small shift in our packaging approach can make a significant difference for our planet. Last year, a realization struck us: we were using over 2 million PVC pieces annually, just to secure our solar panels on pallets.

Innovation for a Lesser Impact

We realized that action was needed. After extensive brainstorming and research, we innovated with a patented aluminum frame that allows us to stack our panels securely. Thanks to this initiative, we are proud to save 30,000 tons of plastic annually, which equates to reducing our carbon footprint by over 100,000 tons of CO2.

Recognition of our Green Commitment

Our commitment to greener production has not gone unnoticed. We have been honored with several awards, notably as “Innovative Manufacturers” at various events.

Soluxtec’s Commitment to Recycling.

At Soluxtec, we believe in the full lifecycle responsibility of our products. Discover how we commit to recycling our solar panels efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Symboles verts et logo de Soluxtec, représentant leur engagement écologique.

Partnership with PV Cycle

Our company SOLUXTEC is proud to be a part of the eco-organization PV Cycle. Through this partnership, we provide our customers with a responsible solution for the collection and recycling of photovoltaic solar modules.

Recyclability of Solar Panels

Our photovoltaic solar panels are designed for longevity and environmental consideration. They are 95% recyclable, underscoring our commitment to contributing to a smart and environmentally-friendly dismantling of old solar panels.

Learn more about PV Cycle

To delve deeper into our recycling efforts and our partnership with PV Cycle, visit

Groupe d'employés de Soluxtec avec des produits innovants, représentant l'engagement humain et qualitatif de l'entreprise.

Soluxtec’s Commitment to People and Quality

At Soluxtec, we place people and innovation at the heart of our concerns. Discover how we value our employees, our products, and our commitment to excellence.

Valuing Our Team Members

We strongly believe that inclusion and diversity within our company lead to a better world. We encourage each team member to speak up, share their ideas, and grow professionally. We take pride in our production team being composed of 48% women, and we actively advocate for parity and equality. The well-being of our employees is paramount, and we go beyond standard requirements to ensure their fulfillment, both professionally and personally.

Acknowledging Our Excellence

Soluxtec has been honored with the GOLD MEDAL from the MTP Group, a prestigious accolade that rewards product innovation. This acknowledgment underlines our commitment to quality, technology, and the utility of our offerings.

Product Innovation: The MONO FR Gemini Panels

Our MONO FR Gemini panels stand out as the most efficient photovoltaic panels in our range. With an efficiency nearing 20%, these panels embody the best of Soluxtec technology. Our aim is to set the new trends in European photovoltaic technology, combining cutting-edge components, advanced automation, and stringent quality control.

Warranty and Quality

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a standard 25-YEAR warranty on all our solar panels. This warranty attests to our commitment to delivering durable and reliable products, positioning us as pioneers among European photovoltaic module manufacturers.