Soluxtec Achieves HW4 Certification

A New Era for Solar Panel Resilience

As extreme weather conditions become increasingly common, the need for resilient and reliable energy solutions has never been more crucial. At Soluxtec, we are proud to announce that our solar panels have reached a new milestone in durability and resilience: achieving HW4 certification for their robustness against hail.

The Challenge of Hail for Solar Technologies

Solar panels are often exposed to ruthless natural elements, including hail, which can cause significant damage and compromise their efficiency. With extreme weather events on the rise, it is vital that energy infrastructure be capable of withstanding these challenges flawlessly.

What is HW4 Certification?

HW4 certification is a rigorous standard that tests the resilience of materials against hail impacts of 40 mm in diameter, weighing 29.2 g, and striking at a speed of 27.5 m/s. This standard, known for its severity, ensures that certified products can withstand particularly extreme weather conditions without damage.

The Certification Process

To achieve this certification, our solar panels underwent a series of rigorous impact tests, overseen by independent experts. These tests simulate intense hail scenarios where ice balls of different sizes are projected at high speeds onto the panels to evaluate their resilience.

Why Choose Soluxtec?

Achieving HW4 certification is not just a technical accomplishment; it is a promise of safety and reliability for our customers. Soluxtec’s HW4 certified panels ensure that even under the onslaught of the worst hail storms, your solar system will continue to operate efficiently, thereby protecting your investment and the environment

With the changing climate and the increasing challenges it imposes, choosing solar panels that have proven themselves in the most extreme conditions is more important than ever. Soluxtec is committed to providing not only clean energy but resilient and reliable energy. Avoid weather mishaps by choosing Soluxtec for a durable and safe solar solution.