Ninside Serie Pure Glass

PowerSlate MONO XSC Alpine


Maximum Power Point

345 – 350 Wp


~24.5 kg

Max. Power Voltage

26,68 VmPP


Up to 21,20%


1717*962*6 mm

Max Test Load

+ 3600 PA // – 2400 PA

Key facts
  • TOPCON N Type cells.
  • Frameless Glass Glass
  • Offers efficiencies of up to 21.2%.
  • Completely neutral to LID degradation due to the absence of boron-oxygen recombination in Ninside cells. 
  • PID resistant.
  • Optimised linear efficiency guarantee of over 89% for 25 years.
  • New frame design with reinforced alloy.
  • CE, IEC, Salt Air, NH3 and PID certified
  • 25 Years Product Warranty

For commercial and residential projects.



Also available with white film and black frame for even better performance.


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Made in Germany

25 years product warranty